Aug 28

You Need to Check Out Dolphin Days at SeaWorld San Diego

Dolphins are so neat because they are cute and smart. An awesome thing they can do is locate things with echolocation – that means they make a noise and it bounces back to them. Echolocation helps them find their food.

Dophins have fusiform bodies, just like sea lions, to help them swim fast through the water.

Trainers at SeaWorld get to work with animals like dolphins. The dolphins interact with and trust their trainers. When the dolphins need a checkup the trainers help keep them comfortable because they know them well.

This summer I went to SeaWorld San Diego and went to the new Dolphin Days show to learn about dolphins. I sat in the soak zone and when the short-finned pilot whales came out, my legs got soaked.

During the show I saw the beautiful dolphins swimming and jumping. The trainers talked to the audience about how we need to help keep the oceans clean to keep learning about dolphins. A very nice trainer asked me to participate in the show; it was the best day ever.

It was very exciting because I interacted with a dolphin and gave it a snowball (that’s an ice ball). I also gave it a fish to eat.

The show is a great place to see dolphins and pilot whales and learn about how we need to keep the environment safe! If you’re lucky you might end up in the show like me.