Mar 23

Wild Days: Learning to Care about Wildlife and the Environment

Every time I go to SeaWorld San Diego I learn something new. Every day is great to learn about animals at SeaWorld but during Wild Days there are special shows and other activities so you can learn even more.

It’s really important for everybody to learn about animals and the earth because we are responsible for keeping them healthy. At Wild Days I talked to lots of people who care about wildlife and the environment.

When I went to Wild Days I got to learn all about Sea Rescue from the people who are on the show. They really like teaching people about how they take care of animals. I got to see the stage when no one was sitting in the chairs. There are so many seats in there and it was full when the show happened!

You can learn about different animals at Wild Days too.

All the booths there teach you about why it’s important to care about animals and conservation. Conservation means to help protect something.

SeaWorld has a lot of places you can learn about new things. I read some signs and learned you can use fake grass to help save water.

I love going to SeaWorld because of the animals and the people who want to take care of them. Everyone can learn about animals and how to take care of them too. We all need to take good care of animals so they can be here for a very long time.

You can still experience SeaWorld Wild Days! From March 26-27, Rachel Reenstra, host of the Emmy-nominated television show, “Wildlife Docs,” will introduce guests to some of SeaWorld’s most-loved animal ambassadors and recount stories of animals that doctors at Busch Gardens have helped through the park’s life-saving and life-enriching programs. We hope to see you there!