Jun 05

Why the Oceans Are Important to Me

Oceans are important to me because there are lots of sea animals that live there. I love learning about marine animals and spending time at the beach. I don’t live near the beach so I like to visit SeaWorld to learn about animals in the ocean.

Most of the water in our world is in the oceans and gives us oxygen to breathe. (Yes, you read that right!) They also help clouds give us rain for fresh water. Lots of plants and other things in the ocean get turned into food and medicine to help people.

My family goes whale watching to see animals in the ocean too. I’ve seen a lot of big pretty animals like dolphins, whales and sharks in the ocean and learned about them. We need to help protect the animals because without them the oceans would not be balanced.

Without the oceans sea animals can’t live. Whales and other animals living in the ocean are very smart. At SeaWorld I’ve learned keeping the oceans clean will help us learn about animals.

The oceans are important to me because having healthy oceans will help have healthy people.