Aug 14

Why I Want to Work with Animals When I Grow Up

I want to work with animals when I grow up because it would be the best job ever. Sea lions are my very favorite and I really REALLY want to work with them because they are so funny and cute. The last time I was at SeaWorld San Diego I met a sea lion that could give a salute. I showed him what to do and he just waived at me instead. Isn’t that funny?

My mom and dad say I have always loved animals. At home I have two pet cats and a big dog. They do everything with me when I’m not in school.

There are so many different jobs you can have to work with animals. Some trainers get to spend a lot of time with animals like my friends that work with the killer whales. They get to know the animals really good so they can tell if something is different. The research (that’s all the trainers’ notes and stuff) gets compared with killer whales in the ocean so we can all learn more about them. We learn lots about the whales because the trainers are so smart and love working with them.

Many people also help sick animals, like the SeaWorld Rescue Team. They give animals a second chance at life.

When I go to SeaWorld I like to see how people get to work with animals because that’s what I want to do when I grow up. Working with big animals like whales and dolphins would be fun but all jobs with animals are important. Everyone at SeaWorld gets to share the things they know with kids like me.

Maybe I’ll be a sea lion trainer or maybe I’ll be a scientist discovering new things about animals in the ocean when I grow up. Whatever I do, I know it will be the best job ever if I get to work with animals!