Dec 28

What SeaWorld Taught Me This Year

I learned so much this year from SeaWorld. I visited the park in San Diego many different times and got to meet lots of animals, scientists and people who love spending time there. This year SeaWorld taught me that any animal big or small can be given a second chance at life because every animal is important.

My friend Marina taught me scientific words and I learned a lot about animal adaptations.

SeaWorld taught me trying new things and being brave is good. I just turned seven years old and was finally tall enough to ride the roller coaster Manta. I was scared the first time but after that it was my most favorite ride ever. Sitting in the first row is the best!

Every time I went to SeaWorld I learned something new. Everyone there is excited to help teach me about animals and the ocean.

I learned Clyde the sea lion is very big and very cute and very nice.

“Sea Rescue” is on TV but the people in it are not just characters, they are real. SeaWorld taught me so much this year but the best thing I learned is everyone can work together on big jobs to help animals. So many of my friends helped when there were too many rescued sea lions for just one person to take care of.

I still want to be a sea lion trainer when I grow up. But I learned there are a whole bunch of other jobs working with animals I could do too. Every animal is important and so are all the people who work to take care of them. I can’t wait to learn even more next year!