Jul 21

Waterpark Fun at Aquatica San Diego

I visited Aquatica SeaWorld’s Waterpark for the very first time this summer and had a blast. The giant waterpark has an awesome wave pool, water slides and animals. I really liked spending the day outside playing with my mommy and daddy.

We got to the park as soon as they opened and went to our cabana. The cabana was right next to the wave pool and had lots of sand for me to play in.

Everything about the cabana was neat. There was even a beach chair just my size. It was a really sunny day and I liked getting to sit in the shade with a refrigerator for water when I was thirsty. I had a yummy lunch with a salad and french fries. After I ate all my lunch my Aquatica friend taking care of us in the cabana brought me rainbow Dippin’ Dots.

The Big Surf Shores wave pool is so much fun because big waves happen a lot. It felt like I was swimming in the ocean. Everyone in the wave pool gets really excited when the clock starts counting down to the next waves. I liked counting down the last 10 seconds before the waves started in the clear blue water with my new friends.

Taumata Racer is really cool. I raced my mommy and daddy down the slides together. Going down the blue slide was a good choice because I went super fast.

Aquatica has a lot of fun water slides and a lazy river. Loggerhead Lane doesn’t really have turtles in it but I had fun pretending to float around the lazy river like a turtle would. Aquatica has real turtles to see by the wave pool.

I really liked going down WooHoo Falls because I knew my daddy was at the bottom waiting for me. From the top I could see the entire park. I held the handles of the tube and was laughing all the way down the slide.

Walkabout Waters is a great place to hang out because it has slides and a big bucket that dumps water. I ran away from the bucket before it dumped water on me but I had fun watching new friends get splashed.

The flamingos at the park are so pretty. The young flamingos are called juveniles and they are light pink. The adult flamingos are dark pink. I liked watching them stretch their wings and hanging out with the friends in their flock. Flamingos are filter feeders and eat food from the bottom of their pool at Aquatica. Each night they sleep in their barn to keep them safe while the park is closed. I visited the flamingos with their Aquatica friend, Melody. One of the flamingos checked me out and liked my pink dress.

After my day at the waterpark I went to bed early. I had such a great day in the water and was exhausted when I finally went to sleep. I would really like to go back to Aquatica during the summer because I had so much fun with my family!