Apr 25

Warm-Weather Penguins

Today is a very special day: It's World Penguin Day!

Every time you see a penguin in a cartoon or movie, it is always in the ice or snow. That makes people think penguins just live where it’s cold.

I learned a lot about penguins because I go to SeaWorld San Diego so much. There are 17 different species of penguins and most of them like warm weather, not just cold places. At SeaWorld San Diego you can learn about penguins that live in cold and warm environments because they have both types at the Penguin Encounter. Before you enter the Penguin Encounter, you get to see Magellanic penguins.

You can watch them swim, play and sleep. Their natural environment is warm so San Diego is a great place for them to live. They help teach people not all penguins live in the cold.

I just went to SeaWorld and my friend Thom the aviculturist introduced me to one of the Magellanic penguins.

She was very friendly and curious. She was not old but when I sat down she was almost as tall as me.

You can see more warm weather penguins at SeaWorld San Diego. Humboldt penguins are there too. They look a little different but are kind of the same size as Magellanic penguins.

Last time I was at SeaWorld I went to the shop at the end of the Penguin Encounter to bring home a big penguin. We live in Arizona and it’s very hot here in the summer so it’s funny that I got an emperor penguin; they live where it’s cold.

The penguins that live where it’s cold don’t move to the warm and the ones that like the warm don’t live in the cold. They all have adaptations to make them comfortable where they live now.

Did you also know no penguins live in the Arctic? It’s so cold there and it seems like some types of penguins would like it but there just aren’t any penguins there.

SeaWorld studies penguins to learn more about them to help in the wild. I really like that we get to learn about them there too.