Feb 11

Trainers Love the Animals They Work With!

I really like to go to SeaWorld San Diego and see the trainers working with animals. They get to spend every day with the animals and are excited to teach kids like me. The trainers have to know a lot about the animals because they spend so much time with them.

Sometimes they even spend more time with the animals at SeaWorld than at home with their own families. They enjoy learning and watching the animals grow. The trainers learn from the animals every day. Just like people, animals have their own personalities. It’s fun to watch the animals get excited to see their trainers. They recognize their favorite trainers and are excited to see them. Sometimes they make silly sounds and try to get their attention.

Sometimes when an animal needs extra care, like babies, the trainers and care takers stay overnight with them. My friend Marcia spends a lot of time in the otter nursery when baby otters are rescued. The baby whales and dolphins also get special care overnight.

Sometimes the trainers get to stay with the same animal and they become very close friends.

Even little birds get extra attention.

The trainers know all the animals they work with and can tell them apart from each other. Each shark looks similar to me but my friend Mike is able to tell me each of their names.

It would be awesome to spend every day with animals because I love them so much. The hard part is choosing which animal is my most favorite. I would probably choose sea lions!