Jan 18

Top Five Things I Learned About Baby Penguins

Baby penguins are so cute. When I went to SeaWorld San Diego last month I learned all about how they are born. The top five things I learned about baby penguins are all things I didn’t know before about them.

1) All baby penguins are called chicks. I knew they are called chicks but I didn’t know they become adults when their feathers are all grown. They don’t have all their feathers until about their first birthdays.

2) Penguin chicks have really soft feathers and some are even born without feathers. Grown up penguins have waterproof feathers. But the babies have to stay out of water because their fuzzy feathers are not waterproof.

3) Penguin chicks grow really fast. The chicks I met looked really fat and were very cute. Their parents feed them since they are too young to look for their own food.

4) The dad penguins sit on the eggs mostly while the mom penguins go out and get food. Some penguin parents are good parents but some don’t take care of their eggs very good. Sometimes SeaWorld helps new penguin parents out by placing the eggs in an incubator. That helps keep the eggs safe and makes sure the penguins get to hatch. The parent penguins are given a pretend egg so that they can still practice how to take care of it.

5) Penguin chicks might all look the same because when they are first born they don’t have different colors. Penguins can tell the chicks apart because they make different vocals.

I already knew penguin chicks were cute but I learned all kinds of new stuff about them. It’s neat they start so small and then grow up to be so big. Some of the penguins are actually bigger than me!

Lauren and Tad take care of penguins every day. I think working with baby penguins would be a really fun job. When I grow up I want to be a sea lion trainer but maybe I should take care of baby penguins sometimes too!