Jan 21

Tips for New Moms to Navigate through SeaWorld San Diego

I recently had a baby boy and of course my husband and I had to bring him to SeaWorld San Diego to meet Santa during SeaWorld's Christmas Celebration! Unlike ever other visit I’ve had (and there have been thousands of times that I have walked through this park), this visit made me take a totally different look at the park. The first few questions I had were: Where will I nurse him? Where can I change him? What do I do with the stroller? What if I need to warm a bottle?

Now that I am back from maternity leave, I am writing to help moms with newborns navigate their way through the park and hopefully make it a little easier to have a great day at SeaWorld San Diego.

#1 place you need to know and love: the Manta bathrooms – These are the newest bathrooms in the park, built when the Manta coaster opened just last year. They are actually on the back side of the Manta site between Pacific Point and Sea Lion and Otter Stadium. These bathrooms are the best in the park because they are big and spacious, brand new and have both a family restroom and nursing room…you can even roll your stroller right on in with you. They are centrally located so you can get there rather quickly from any place in the park.

Here is a clip of my favorite nursing room:

Best stop on the west side of the park – restroom next to the Shamu Shop. There aren't actually any dedicated “nursing” rooms with a rocking chair on this side of the park besides the Manta bathrooms, but this diaper changing room does have a door you can close and lock if you need some privacy.

Best stop on the east side of the park – The “Super John". Employees refer to this restroom as the “Super John” because it used to be the largest and newest bathroom before the one I described above. It’s located on the back side of the Pets’ Playhouse between Wild Arctic and Journey to Atlantis. Like the Manta restrooms, they are big and spacious with both diaper changing stations and a mother’s nursing room. The best thing is if this bathroom gets too crowded, the clock tower bathroom by Pets Rule! and the arcade have all the same amenities.

Another favorite is the nursing room at Dolphin Interaction Photo right next to the Blue Horizons stadium and the Bay of Play. Someone was actually in it when I took this photo! There is a rocking chair inside but no sink. It's also very centrally located which is a big plus.

Warm your bottle – Did you know that all our restaurants have bottle warmers in the back? Just ask any team member to warm your bottle and they will bring it back warm and ready for you and your little one. Just make sure you allow a few minutes for this when thinking about your feeding schedule. It’s no fun to have a crying, hungry baby while you are waiting for the bottle. Our team is pretty fast, so it shouldn’t take too long.

After you get the essentials of feeding and changing out of the way, make sure to take some time to enjoy the view. Even the youngest of babies can enjoy a look at the aquariums and I highly recommend the Turtle Reef Exhibit!

Here is my little guy checking out some fish at Aquarium De La Mer.