Jul 06

There Are More to Sharks than Their Teeth

Sharks sound scary but that’s just because people think they all have really sharp teeth. I think sharks are neat because they have been around since the dinosaurs. There are so many different types with different shaped bodies like hammerhead sharks, whale sharks and basking sharks. The Megalodon shark was huge and we have learned a lot about them from fossils.

Sharks have a lot of teeth but they eat mostly fish like other sharks and rays. They also eat other animals found in the water like squids and octopus. Sometimes people see a dolphin in the water but think it’s a shark because of their big dorsal fins. That’s the fin on a shark’s back. The shark’s big tail helps it swim fast in the water.

Sharks live in all different types of water. Some like the deep, deep ocean and some sharks like to swim in shallow water. Some sharks are really small and some are big.

Baby sharks are so cute when they come out of their eggs and then grow very fast.

Shark teeth make them scary to some people but I think it’s silly because some sharks have very small teeth like the basking shark. My very favorite type of shark is the wobblegong shark because it has such a funny name.

When I go to SeaWorld, I like to visit Explorer’s Reef and touch the bamboo sharks. Don’t worry, those sharks are small. They feel different when you touch them moving forward and then moving your fingers in the other direction.

Sharks are very beautiful and they don’t try to hurt people on purpose. Sharks are really important and we need to learn about them to help keep the oceans healthy.