Nov 26

Thanksgiving Came a Little Early for Two Penguin Parents!

Thanksgiving came a little early at the Penguin Encounter! Two of our gentoo penguins are proud parents of, not one, but two penguin chicks! While not a rare occurrence at SeaWorld, in the wild, typically only one chick survives due to food availability. Here at SeaWorld, the penguins have a constant food source and no predators. The aviculturists are also able to monitor the birds, and if any issues arise, they can assist in hand-raising the chicks.

Our aviculturists are also keeping a watchful eye on other recently hatched chicks inside the Encounter, which represent three different species of penguins: macaroni, Adélie and Gentoo. More gentoo and Adélie eggs due to hatch within the next few weeks. SeaWorld San Diego is world renowned for its successful penguin breeding program. Since 1980, more than 500 penguin chicks have been hatched and raised at the marine park, including the first-ever chinstrap and emperor penguins. Extensive research has been conducted at the Penguin Encounter resulting in a significant amount of scientific knowledge gained on various species of penguins.

Watch the video to see these adorable chicks!