Sep 18

Taking Care of Sea Otters

Sea otters are really cute and fun to watch. When I go to SeaWorld I like to visit the exhibit to watch them swim and play. They are really funny when they splash and play with their favorite toys. Sometimes we’re lucky and get to see the frozen ice treats get delivered. The otters swim up and are excited for their treats.

I learned sometimes when baby otters don’t have parents to take care of them, SeaWorld gets to help. SeaWorld has a baby otter nursery where someone is there to take care of the baby all day and all night. The baby otters are just like human babies and need a lot of special care. Marcia and Mike showed me around the nursery and taught me how they take care of baby otters. In the wild their mothers feed and groom them. In the nursery, people help take care of them. They get lots of baths and are dried off with a hair dryer. They even drink from bottles.

When they get bigger and stronger, they can learn and play in the pool. The otters have a lot of different toys and a slide they love. The otters play with different toys every day so they can learn. I had fun watching them spin around on a big yellow toy and slide down their slide.

Otters really like to eat fish, clams and shrimp. SeaWorld makes them “otter pops” by freezing their favorite treats in ice. The otters were very happy to see me when I offered them a treat. They use their paws to grab the treat and their extra sharp teeth to eat. Their exhibit is made with the same types of screws in rocket ships because the otters are very smart and can use their paws to unscrew the screws to climb out.

I had such a great time learning about otters with the nice friends that take care of them. It sounds like a really tough job but they make sure the otters get lots of care.

Even if you don’t live by otters, you can help take care of them by making sure you don’t litter. Garbage could end up where the otters live and make them very sick. I’m excited to visit the otter nursery again to see if they have a new baby soon.