Sep 29

Surprise Military Homecoming at Shamu Stadium

Did you know that each day, during the pre-show of the One Ocean Shamu show at all of our SeaWorld parks, the military is asked to stand and be recognized by all in the 5,500-seat stadium? We recently honored the Allen family here at SeaWorld San Diego by surprising the children with the return of their dad, Sergeant Ronald Allen, from a nearly seven-month deployment to the Middle East!

Sgt. Allen, a chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons defense specialist, has been in the Marine Corps and for six years. He and his wife, Crystal, have four children who are four months old, two years old, four years old and five years old. This is the first time they’re seeing their dad again after nearly seven months apart.

Watch the Allen family’s heartwarming reunion below:

For decades, we’ve proudly welcomed and honored the men and women of our Armed Forces and Allies and their families from around the world. Over the past 12 years, our Waves of Honor program has provided free admission to more than 2 million uniformed military members and their immediate family. We thank you all for your service!