Sep 27

A Sneak Peek at SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration

by Staff

For most of us, we are just starting to think about the holiday season. But for Steve Welch, Christmas has been top of mind all year. Steve is one of the creative forces behind SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration.

Steve Welch, creative designer for SeaWorld's Christmas Celebration

Read below for a sneak preview about what to expect at SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration this year.

What has your team been working on to get ready for SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration?

Well, for us, Christmas starts at the beginning of the year, so we've been busy! The event this year is completely on a different scale compared to anything we've done in the's our biggest Christmas event to date. We're building costumes, ordering thousands of strands of Christmas lights, orchestrating new music for our shows, designing name it, and we're doing it.

Is it tough to get in the holiday spirit all year round?

Not at all. Reviewing beautiful lights and decorations and listening to great music isn't a bad way to spend the day. Every now and then we have Christmas cookies for our that definitely helps! And really, this is such a big event, and we have so much to do, that you don't even think twice about it. But every once in a while when you realize you are working on Christmas decorations in the heat of the summer you have to laugh a little.

What sort of things can people expect to see and do?

There is going to be so much at SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration...we're taking our event to a new level. We have favorites returning, such as the Polar Express Experience and Shamu - Christmas Miracles. Last year we premiered our Winter Wonderland on Ice show, which was extremely popular. It's coming back, along with Holiday Reflections, our fireworks and fountains finale. There's a Christmas Sea Lion and Otter Show, a Christmas Sesame Show , more decorations than ever, more lights, more of's going to be a great experience! As we get closer to the event we’ll share more details about all of the elements that will be part of this year’s event.

What event element are you most excited about?

It's hard to say. Our new Christmas Market is going to be beautiful...great food and gifts near the lake with beautiful lights. But our signature for the event this year is going to be our Sea of Trees. I don't want to spoil the surprise before guests have had a chance to see it, but it's the biggest Christmas experience that SeaWorld has ever created...and it's going to be absolutely stunning! We're busy right now orchestrating the music, installing the hardware...and when it premieres it's truly going to bring the sea to the season.