Aug 06

Sharks, Cleaner Fish and More at Explorer’s Reef

When I first got to SeaWorld San Diego, I thought I dived under a wave. Explorer’s Reef was the first thing I saw and it was really cool. I wanted to stay there all day. The touch pools have neat animals like crabs, rays, cleaner fish and even friendly sharks.

Before Explorer’s Reef was built this year I hung out with my SeaWorld friend Mike to learn about cleaner fish, turtles, and sharks. I was excited when Mike told me it was OK to put my hand in the water to feel cleaner fish kisses.

Mike told me the new Explorer’s Reef would be full of cleaner fish for kids to see and touch. I couldn’t wait for it to open and spend time with thousands of cleaner fish. The first thing I wanted to do when I saw Explorer’s Reef was go to the cleaner fish. Wow, Mike was right! Thousands of cleaner fish were waiting to tickle my fingers.

Explorer’s Reef has different areas for you to explore. I really liked seeing the horseshoe crabs because they are so beautiful. The crabs are big and have a smooth top.

Another really neat area of Explorer’s Reef is where you can learn about sharks and their eggs. It’s cool to see the baby sharks swimming in their eggs. The friendly bamboo sharks are small and can’t hurt you. They feel smooth when you touch them going one way and rough when you go the other way. My friends at home couldn’t believe I actually touched a shark! Sharks eat fish and other marine animals, not people so don’t worry when you go to visit the sharks at Explorer’s Reef.

I had fun listening to all the SeaWorld friends teaching about the animals at Explorer’s Reef. They know so much and answered questions to help everyone treat the animals nicely. I loved Explorer’s Reef so much I made my Mommy and Daddy promise we could spend time there again before we left SeaWorld. The cleaner fish were very happy to see me before our fun day was over.

I can’t wait to go to Explorer’s Reef again soon to learn more about all the animals. Remember you can help save water by turning the faucet off when you brush your teeth. Saving water means you are helping animals like those at Explorer’s Reef!