Jul 14

Shark Tooth Necklace Craft

Shark teeth are like big fossils and we can learn a lot from them. The shark tunnel at SeaWorld San Diego has a lot of shark teeth in the bottom. If you look at the sandy ground you can see all the different sizes of shark teeth because there are so many different sharks in there.

There are many shapes and sizes of shark teeth. People sometimes like to collect them from beaches. My dad told me he lived by a beach with a lot of shark teeth when he was as old as me.

I have never found a shark tooth on the beach but have seen a lot of different sharks at SeaWorld. Once I actually saw a hammerhead shark from a boat with my family.

This week I made a shark tooth necklace for Shark Awareness Day. It’s a really easy craft and very fun to make.

The supplies you need to make the shark tooth necklace are art plaster, a plastic straw, a pan, plastic wrap, water and twine.

First, you make the plaster wet by mixing the water and the dry plaster. My mom helped me figure out how much to mix. Mix them together in a plastic bag. Then pour in a pan. I put plastic wrap in the bottom of the pan first because the plaster will get really hard and stick to the pan. Cut the straw and then put the pieces in random places in the plaster.

Put the pan in your backyard or somewhere outside in the sun to dry. Less than an hour later, take the plastic out of the pan. Use a plastic knife to break it into pieces that look like shark teeth. The holes from the straws are how the teeth will stay on your necklace so try to break the pieces with the hole in the middle or at the top.

Put the shark tooth on some twine and cut it the perfect size to be a necklace.

I’m going to wear my shark tooth necklace so people will ask me about sharks. Sharks are important and people shouldn’t be afraid of them just because they have big sharp teeth. I know it’s not a real shark tooth but it would be really neat to find one on the beach as big as my necklace one day.

My friend at SeaWorld, Mike, has taught me all about sharks and I hope everybody knows that they are so important in the oceans!