Jun 28

Shark-Inspired Craft for Shark Week!

It’s a great week to learn about sharks and do lots of crafts. I made a shark teeth snack plate with my mom and it’s really fun to see people food in the shark’s jaws on the plate. People think sharks are scary because their teeth are so sharp. I don’t think they are scary because I learned all about them at SeaWorld San Diego.

To make the shark teeth plate you need big paper, a white plastic plate, scissors, a pencil and a black permanent marker.

First you trace your plate on the paper. Use kid scissors to cut out the circle shape. Fold the paper in half then in half again and cut a little off of one edge. Unfold the paper and draw shark teeth all the way around the edges. Cut out the teeth.

Use the oval with the shark teeth cut as a stencil on the plate. Trace it onto the plate.

Put food on the plate inside the shark jaws. It looks like a big shark trying to eat your snack!

Remember, sharks are not as scary as you think. They are important in the ocean!