Jul 30

SeaWorld San Diego Tips from Instagram Fans

We asked our Fans on our Instagram (@seaworldsandiego) to share their guide for a fun SeaWorld San Diego day. Check out their insider tips below!

“Getting the pass for an All-Day Dining Deal. Saves on money and food is great lots of varieties :)”
- Mary, Arizona

“I plan the shows I want to see first. That’s a must. In between show breaks, depending on where the show is, I will often see other exhibits in the same area as the show before, or the upcoming show.”
- Emily, Canada

“Being able to feed the sea lions and bat rays, going on all the fun rides and buying tickets to do the Dolphin Interaction!! So much fun!”
- Lauren, California

“[Sesame Street’s] Bay of Play area is great for toddlers too, with a safe jumpy area, shaded spot to make music and clean, beachy sand area. The rides are cute. Pack swimwear when it’s hot because they have a fun water area too!! Take advantage of souvenir cups for drinks and popcorn so you spend less!! Become Pass Members and enjoy the perks! Special events, discounts and special seating at shows!”
- Annie, California

“TIP 1: Carry around quarters and dollar bills. Different animals to feed for good prices! TIP 2: Don’t like getting wet? Invest in a plastic poncho, and easily-drying clothes! TIP 3: Brought the kids, but they can’t get on all the rides? Ask for a Child Swap Pass, so everyone can get on the ride without double waiting! TIP 4: The All-Day Dining Deal is very useful. Take advantage of it! Endless meals at select locations, but all delicious. TIP 5: Grab extra maps! Wet rides ruin them, plus they have all the show times on them (arrive early for shows!). TIP 6: There are designated smoking areas. Use them! Be kind to the children and animals around you! #iloveseaworld”
- Khrystina, California

“Take it all in! Don’t pass up the chance to educate and connect with the animals. All the animals, big and small. Visiting when I was younger made me aware of Earth’s environment and wanting a safe, healthy place for all of us! Oh, and make sure you stick your hand in with the fish when you enter, it’s an amazing feeling! Don’t forget to see Clyde & Seamore’s show along with Pets Rule! :) #iloveseaworld #truth #seaworldtruthteam #educate #seaworldcares”
- Cindy, Arizona

“Get to the park early! I start at the front then head towards the back as the day goes on. Always go on rides during Shamu shows to get shorter lines, that's also the best time to see less crowded exhibits/restaurants. I usually start the day with rides as well before the park gets too crowded. The last thing I will usually do is see the Shamu show to end the day with a bang! Save souvenir shopping for last so you don't have to haul all of your things around all day. And try to hit up every exhibit/aquarium, they are all amazing in their own special way :)”
- Maddie, Arizona

“If it's hot, get on some water rides or sit in the soak zone. It's a fun way to cool off.”
- Lauren, California

“If you are staying at the park all day than definitely go with the All-Day Dining Deal. Purchase your wristband at the front of the park. At each participating restaurant you can get an entrĂ©e, a side and a drink. The great thing is that you can go through as many times during the day as you want. I have saved so much by using this deal.”
- Jessica, New Mexico

“Buy the reusable bottles! Definitely worth it and a great way to stay hydrated!”
- Kaitlyn, Florida

“Don't plan where you are going ahead of time, just explore the park and discover as you go along. This makes it much more relaxing and enjoyable.”
- Annaliese, Michigan

“Do Journey to Atlantis first so you don't have to wait in line later when it's hot. Make sure to get to the shows early, they fill up fast! Buy the drinks that have the cheap refills, definitely worth it so you can stay hydrated all day long. Just go with the flow, don't plan, just explore and have fun!”
- Christina, Washington

“First you get All-Day Dining then go eat at your choice. Then you check your map while eating, download the app on your phone (you can see what time shows come on go), see Sea Lions Tonite it is the funniest show, Manta and Journey to Atlantis are good rides also”
- Amanda, California

“Get the park map and decide where you wanna go and explore what has to offer. 2. Make sure that your times are flexible to avoid any changes necessary. 3. HAVE FUN”
- Colin, California

“Arrive early for short wait times for ride attractions and make sure to see all of the animals at the park. Enjoy yourself and the people around you and the ambience that the park has to offer!”
- Donovan, California