Jun 12

SeaWorld San Diego’s Club Atlantis: Meet Malone!

SeaWorld’s Club Atlantis presented by Coca-Cola is just around the corner, and if there’s anyone who’s super excited about the “awesomeness” in store, it’s Malone, one of your Club Atlantis hosts!

Malone has been coming to SeaWorld ever since she was a little kid. “I have always loved SeaWorld, getting to see and learn about all the different animals, watching the shows and riding the rides,” she says. She’s so thrilled to be a host this summer – she wants everyone at the Club to have a fun and memorable experience. One thing’s for sure: She promises to make sure that Club Atlantis is the highlight of your summer this year! When I hung out with Malone, it’s obvious that she is a very expressive, artistic and creative gal. She told me that she enjoys painting, CrossFit, shopping, reading, baking (and eating) desserts, and watching superhero, sci-fi and fantasy movies. She also loves acting, singing and performing. She’s been doing musical theater since she was three years old!

What else is there to know about Malone? Read on!

Kat: What are you most looking forward to this summer?
Malone: Getting to know all the party guests at Club Atlantis and making sure that they have an unforgettable time!

K: What’s your favorite animal at SeaWorld?
M: It’s a tie between a sea otter and a penguin. They are both so cute, I just can’t decide!

K: We’d catch you singing to…
M: Taylor Swift or Fun on Channel 933!

K: Name one thing that most people don’t know about you.
M: Most people do not know that I have 17 pets. :)

The nightly party that is Club Atlantis starts on Saturday, June 15 and runs through Sunday, Aug. 11 from 7 to 10 p.m. There will be dance team performances, nightly Coca-Cola dance-offs, giveaways and plenty of time to just dance the night away!

Don’t forget to enter the Club Atlantis: Coca-Cola VIP Lounge Sweepstakes! If you or someone you know live in Southern California, go to http://bddy.me/Yql5Fg right now to enter to win FOUR tickets to the park so that you can all get your party on with us at the Club! See you there!!!