Jun 03

SeaWorld San Diego’s Club Atlantis: Meet Briten!

Guess what’s back?

Summer Nights at SeaWorld, that’s what!

Which means…

You can get your dance on again at SeaWorld’s Club Atlantis presented by Coca-Cola!

Guests had SO MUCH FUN last summer that this year, Club Atlantis will be a nightly (yup, you read that right) party starting on Saturday, June 15 through Sunday, Aug. 11 from 7 to 10 p.m.

How many times can I say dance in a sentence? Here it goes…

There will be dance team performances, nightly Coca-Cola dance-offs, giveaways and oh, let’s see – plenty of time to just dance, dance, dance, of course.

To prepare you for your night at the Club, I want you to get the chance to get to know our hosts. So…

First up: Briten. She had such a great time hosting last year that she’s back again this summer. She “just can’t get enough of the Club” and she “likes to party”!

It’s easy to see that Briten is excited for Club Atlantis to start. I kid you not -- she has the energy and enthusiasm equivalent to our Into the Blue fireworks. Her passion to party is fueled by her love for loud, heart-pounding music and urban-style dancing. Her favorites include hip-hop and break-dancing.

Briten also has a laid back side to her and thoroughly enjoys riding the waves during the summer time. “I absolutely love love love sunny weather, anything that sparkles or shines and bright neon colors,” she says. When asked how she would describe her personal style, she explains that it would be “if rock ‘n’ roll crashed into a neon rainbow of diamonds in a futuristic wonderland.”

So, what is Briten like? I hung out with her for a bit and got to know a little bit more about this sparkle-and-shine lovin’ host.

Kat: What’s a definite must for you this summer?
Briten: Besides spending my summer nights dancing my feet off at Club Atlantis? I’ll be hittin’ up the beach with my surfboard. I absolutely love the beach and sunny weather!

K: What’s your favorite animal at SeaWorld?
B: My absolute favorite animal at SeaWorld has to be the dolphins. Ever since I can remember, I had always wanted to swim with them! When I am looking for a good laugh, I always visit Clyde Sea Lion at the Sea Lions Tonite show!

K: The song you turn up your radio’s volume to is…
B: This summer, nothing can stop me from throwing my hands up and dancing like nobody’s watching to Macklemore’s new hit single “Can’t Hold Us”!

I also love songs that inspire me to be a better person in this world. You know, songs with beats that make your body move naturally, songs that motivate me to work harder and just enjoy this one life that we have. Because for right now… all we have is this moment.

K: Name one thing that most people don’t know about you.
B: I play musical instruments. I am absolutely obsessed with music of all kinds! I’m a dedicated player of the electric and acoustic guitars, ukulele and drums.

K: What’s your favorite thing to do at SeaWorld?
B: Summer Nights at SeaWorld is one of the best parts about this park. There are more shows to see, the park stays open later and I always enjoy ending my nights with the spectacular firework show. I absolutely love sparkly things. I think that’s why I love Club Atlantis so much! The flashing lights, loud, heart-pounding music and people of all ages just having an all around great time!

When DJ Marc Thrasher drops Pink’s “Raise Your Glass” beat, make sure you check out the Coca-Cola VIP Lounge because you’ll always find Briten there!

Here’s the best part: To get you in on the dance fun, we're launching our Club Atlantis: Coca-Cola VIP Lounge Sweepstakes! If you or someone you know live in Southern California, go to http://bddy.me/Yql5Fg right now to enter to win FOUR tickets to the park so that you can all get your party on with us at the Club! See you there!!!