Jul 16

SeaWorld San Diego Returns “Cop Car” the Rescued Sea Lion to the Wild

by Staff

Two months after being rescued malnourished and dehydrated from beneath a San Diego Police patrol car by SeaWorld San Diego's animal rescue team, a year-old California sea lion was returned to the ocean. "Cop Car," as he was named by SeaWorld rescuers, was severely under weight at 26 pounds when rescued on May 5. He responded well to his medical rehabilitation program at the park's animal care area and is now a healthy 40 pounds. Joining Sr. Animal Care Specialist Kevin Robinson on the return boat was San Diego Police officer, Mark Lopez. It was Lopez's police car that the sea lion hid under prior to his rescue. Robinson and Lopez together lifted the door on the animal transport unit and watched Cop Car bound back into the ocean several miles off the Southern California coast. Lopez hopes that this sea lion isn't a repeat offender. SeaWorld San Diego has rescued more than 150 sea lions and seals so far in 2010.