Mar 16

SeaWorld San Diego Penguins Enjoy VIP Screening of 'Frozen Planet'

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to attend a movie premiere or special screening of a program before it was available to the public. While I still can never say I have done this, the penguins at SeaWorld San Diego sure can!

Our black and white feathered friends were dressed in their best for their very own private showing of the Discovery Channel’s “Frozen Planet” series (which debuts to humans this Sunday). Our birds got to check out their fellow species up on the big screen and even had snacks handy for the VIP screening. Most of all, they were mesmerized by the 50-inch flat screen in the Penguin Encounter…it was like a bunch of kids on Christmas morning…

In addition to “Frozen Planet,” Discovery Channel also is featuring a live, 24/7 Penguin Cam in our Penguin Encounter, where you can watch these amazing birds as they swim, waddle, eat, play and sleep in their 25-degree habitat. If you haven’t already experienced it visit their website and check it out! There are two cameras (one in the water and one on land); click Multiview to switch them. Enjoy! (I warn you….the Penguin Cam can be addictive!)