Feb 09

SeaWorld San Diego Announces New 'Manta' Coaster

by Staff

Manta Logo at SeaWorld San Diego Theme Park

The new 2012 attraction will blend the exhilaration of a coaster with the grace and beauty of marine life.

Manta is coming to SeaWorld San Diego. The new mega-attraction, which will open in 2012, will combine the thrill of a launch coaster with an amazing marine-life exhibit.

“We are very excited to unveil Manta,” said SeaWorld park president, John Reilly. “This new launch coaster, the first of its kind for SeaWorld San Diego, will take riders on twists, turns and drops, while also immersing them into the world of the bat ray and other incredible marine creatures.”

Swooping, diving and twisting, Manta will not only inspire visitors with its 100,000-gallon underwater animal habitat, but take them on an unforgettable ride on a coaster shaped like a giant manta ray.

Manta at SeaWorld San Diego Theme Park

Manta also will feature a unique “launch station” where the passengers will start the ride enclosed in a launch tunnel with larger-than-life images of rays projected on a 270-degree enveloping screen. This stunning introduction to the world of the rays also will visually enhance the physical acceleration as the ride launches down the track. This state-of-the-art projection system will be the first of its kind in the United States.

“We are delighted to bring energizing new attractions to our guests year after year, and Manta does just that and more,” said Reilly. “It combines the thrilling excitement of a coaster, with the wonderful educational experience of an incredible marine-life exhibit. Our visitors are going to love Manta.”

Riders and non-riders alike will be able to immerse themselves the graceful beauty of bat rays and fishes. Forbidden Reef, an existing SeaWorld attraction where guests can feed and touch bat rays, will be incorporated and enhanced as part of Manta.

Manta Aquarium at SeaWorld San Diego Theme Park

“With Manta, our guests will be able to see and interact with 65 bat rays, 10 guitar fish, and hundreds of fishes,” said SeaWorld San Diego curator of fishes, Thad Dirksen. “The below-water viewing area will include eight acrylic windows and a reef design. The above-water interaction area will allow our guests more opportunities to touch and feed the rays.”