Aug 08

SeaWorld Cares for Sea Turtles that Need Help

This year I went to Hawaii with my family and I snorkeled with sea turtles. I went on a boat tour of the Na Pali Coastline of Kauai and got to see where lots of sea turtles live. There are three types of sea turtles that are native to Hawaii – the green, hawksbill and leatherback. Native means they are there naturally.

When I went to SeaWorld San Diego this summer, my friend Mike showed me some of the same species of turtles that were rescued after stranding on beaches along the West Coast. SeaWorld is nursing them back to health. Mike cares a lot about turtles and teaching kids how to help take care of them.

One of the turtles he showed me needed help because it had damage to its shell. SeaWorld is helping it feel better and get healthy to go home to the ocean.

Another turtle I met has an infection that makes its shell look different. This turtle needed different help to get healthy and strong.

Remember: Turtles eat jellyfish, which look like plastic bags in the water. We can all help turtles by making sure our trash doesn’t end up in the ocean. I’m really happy SeaWorld is helping these turtles and teaching us how to make sure the turtles have a healthy place to live!