Mar 25

SeaWorld Cares for More than Just Marine Animals

Some friends think only marine animals live at SeaWorld but I’ve learned so much about other types of animals there too. Many different birds, land mammals, reptiles and amphibians live at SeaWorld.

The flamingos at SeaWorld San Diego and Aquatica do not spend most of their time in the water but they spend some of the day hanging out with friends in the water. They build nests on land and teach their chicks how to take care of themselves.

SeaWorld helps take care of sick birds at their Oiled Wildlife Care Center in San Diego. I learned how some birds need a lot of help to feel better and others just need a little time before they can be returned to their homes.

There are other birds that live at SeaWorld too. I met a few birds at SeaWorld San Diego and learned how smart and friendly they are. My favorites were the lovebirds that sat on my head for a picture.

At Animal Connections, there are some other surprising animals like poisonous dart frogs. I really liked meeting a water monitor that knows how to walk with trainers on a leash.

I always learn something new at SeaWorld. It’s neat that everyone is so excited to teach everyone about animals. Trainer Todd is really smart and has taught me about all kinds of animals, even this sloth!

Not all animals spend most of their time in the water but that doesn’t mean they can’t teach people about them at SeaWorld.

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