Mar 21

A Sea of Opportunity at SeaWorld San Diego

March 3rd, 1993. What’s so special about that date? Well, that’s the day SeaWorld history was changed forever. You see, that’s the day I was hired! Mathematically speaking, that means 2013 marks my 20th year working at SeaWorld. I hope they never discover that I was only 12 years old when hired… ha, ha!

What I expected to be a summer job (or one that would last a few years to get me through school) has turned into a full-time career. Let’s step into the “way back when” machine: I began in the food services department (now called culinary operations) at the fabled “Chicken ‘n’ Biscuit” restaurant at the base of the Skytower. Anyone remember that place? Believe me, I can still smell the chicken frying! Through the years, I made my way up the leadership chain and became a shift supervisor. My culinary operations life culminated in being a part of the opening team of Shipwreck Reef CafĂ©. We opened what would become one of the biggest and most successful restaurants in the entire SeaWorld/Busch Gardens family of parks. That was a very exciting time and something I am extremely proud to have been a part of.

About nine years ago, I saw on the internal jobs posting board a position that piqued my interest. Who knew SeaWorld had a scenic shop? I was going to school to learn how to build sets and paint scenery, so this job fit the bill perfectly! I applied for the job, interviewed for it and landed what really is an ideal position for my skill set. Who would have thought 20 years ago I’d be making props for sea lions and otters? That’s a pretty neat thing to have on your resume!

I’ve enjoyed every minute of my time here at SeaWorld. Today marks a very special day as well – it’s been 49 years since SeaWorld first showed guests how to celebrate, connect and care for the natural world we all share.