May 11

Sea-Inspired Craft – Bookmark for Summer Reading

I make a lot of crafts at home. Instead of buying new stuff to make projects I like to use things we can reuse instead of throwing them away. That way I can help make sure more garbage doesn’t get thrown away and end up in the oceans and hurt animals.

My friend Izzy came over and we made a sea-inspired craft with stuff in my recycling bin. We made bookmarks to use in our favorite books.

A while ago, SeaWorld had big statues made out of trash found in the ocean. Lots of people don’t pick up their garbage and it sometimes goes to the ocean or other places with water and animals. It took a lot of trash to make them but it is good because it shows people how much trash is in the ocean.

To make a sea-inspired craft like my bookmark, you should get things out of your recycling bin or start saving things you could use for crafts instead of just throwing them away. I used some of my mom’s washi tape but everything else was going to be picked up by the recycling truck.

Use cardboard to cut out the bookmark. Then you can start decorating it. My mom actually cut the cardboard because you have to use big sharp scissors.

I wrapped pieces of tape around the cardboard. Then I glued on some shapes I cut out of some other cardboard. I used little scissors to cut out a fish from a big white envelope. The fish looks cool because it has bubble wrap on it. I made a hole with a hole puncher to tie on a ribbon.

Now I have a bookmark made from stuff used from recycled material that is a great reminder of how we can help protect animals in the ocean. I am going to make more for my friends so they know they can make crafts from stuff they are throwing away.

Not all garbage is good for crafts but lots of stuff can be saved to help you make crafts and keep the oceans clean!