Sep 29

Scientific Words I Learned at SeaWorld

I love going to SeaWorld because I get to learn about animals. Everyone I see working there stops to talk to kids like me about their jobs.

Sometimes I get to learn really neat scientific words that I have never heard before. This year I learned so many different things about animals and have shared them all with my friends in first grade. Some of the new neat words I learned are hydrodynamic, cartilage and husbandry. Lots of other science words I already learned at school but get to hear them used at SeaWorld.

My favorite marine animals are sea lions. They are pinnipeds; that is the scientific word for a group of mammals that includes seals and walruses too. They have fusiform bodies to help them move fast in the water. Fusiform means football shape and makes some animals hydrodynamic. That means they can swim easily.

I can swim fast but there are other things I have in common with marine animals. Sharks and rays have cartilage instead of bones. It’s the same soft tissue in my nose and ears!

Different types of animals eat different things. Carnivores, like some dinosaurs and sharks eat mostly meat. My friend Marina taught me sea lions are carnivores too. We had a lot of fun feeding them fish!

An herbivore, like a manatee, eats plants. Omnivores eat both! My favorite omnivore is the piranha. During a SeaWorld camp sleepover last year, I slept in a sleeping bag right in front of the piranhas! I bet you didn’t know piranhas like plants too.

Husbandry is kind of a funny word. It’s a noun (we are learning about those in first grade!) that means taking care of animals. There are so many great people that take care of animals at SeaWorld. Here’s a selfie of me and my friend Mike who takes care of the sharks. Some sharks behind us tried to get in our picture too!

I also get to learn about different endangered and extinct animals at SeaWorld. Extinct means gone forever and endangered means could be extinct soon because there aren’t that many left, like polar bears. SeaWorld helps teach people how to take care of the oceans and animals to make sure no more species go extinct.

Learning about science is so much fun!