Aug 27

Scenic Arts Team Makes Over Sea Lion and Otter Stadium

Although the highly-rated “Sea Lions LIVE” has been playing for a few years now, we’re always thinking of ways to make the show even better. We wanted to give the set more character, so we decided to establish a wall that was “outside” of the studio. Using this concept art as our guide, we’ve already painted the stage right wall a brick red, added the “Stage Door” lettering and remounted the Sea Lion and Otter Stadium show history plaque. In the coming weeks, show posters will adorn the wall completing this phase of scenic enhancements.

A few months ago, the trainers at the stadium asked if we could install an entrance stage right so sea lions could make appearances from there. To do so, we had to remove the ramp over the moat so the sea lions could come and go with no obstructions. Right before summer began, we re-installed the ramp and started planning to expand the doorway so that both humans and sea lions could use the door. Early one morning we brought out the power tools and set out to destroy the set! Actually, it wasn’t that extreme; we just needed to remove a section of wall so we could make the “stage door” wider.

Here’s craftsperson David hacking his way through fiberglass and plastic bricks. The old stage door is being staged on the show deck waiting to be re-used.

The section of wall has been successfully removed! David cut off the sides of the old stage door so we could re-use them in the wider space. Waste not, want not! Look at all the room Clyde and Seamore have to make surprise appearances!

And here is the expanded door. Oops! We dropped a screw into the water... Thanks for fishing it out, Bob!

Although the door expansion can be used for “Sea Lions LIVE,” this project actually benefits “Clyde & Seamore’s Spooky Adventure” even more. When that show returns this September for SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular, Clyde and the sheriff of Creepy County will make their way across the moat and through this door before entering through the front door of Uncle Schmedly’s castle. Now that’s what I call planning ahead!

Speaking of Uncle Schmedly, we’ll show you how we brought the “Spooky Kooky Castle” set back to life in an upcoming blog….stay tuned!