Nov 07

Santa's Reindeers-in-Training are Coming to SeaWorld San Diego!

Christmas has got to be my favorite holiday of all. Brightly-colored presents under the tree, hot chocolate mugs warmed by mittened hands, holiday songs playing everywhere . . . I can keep going. It's no wonder then why I'm extremely excited that our SeaWorld's Christmas Celebration in the park is right around the corner! With special holiday-themed animal shows, real snow (SnowWorld), festive d├ęcor and more, SeaWorld San Diego is the place to be this Christmas season. I kid you not -- it's quite difficult trying to stifle my excitement as I walk through the park and observe how it's already transforming into an enchanting and beautiful (certainly an understatement, really) Christmas wonderland.

One of the highlights of this year's celebration is having two of Santa’s reindeers-in-training vacationing in the park for the holidays. Jingles, the reindeer calf named by SeaWorld San Diego’s Facebook fans in August, will be in the expanded reindeer corral right by Santa's cottage. Jingles, along with her fellow reindeer-in-training, Winter, came by for a short visit recently, getting familiar with where they’ll be spending the holidays. At 7 months old, Jingles is growing steadily and is already showing his first antlers. They will be back for all to see next week, Saturday, Nov. 17.

Are you excited yet???

Well then, here’s a special surprise for you: Click on the video below to view exclusive footage of the reindeers, featuring Jingles:

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