Nov 12

Sadie’s New Baby Dolphin

I already know a lot about dolphins because I’ve visited them many times at SeaWorld San Diego before. Earlier this year I met a dolphin trainer and made some new dolphin friends. I was very excited to go and see the dolphins again because they are very cute and friendly. This time I got to see Sadie swimming with her new baby. The baby was a lot smaller than her mommy. When I saw the baby, SeaWorld didn’t know if it was a boy or girl yet because she was so new.

Sadie and her baby moved to a pool with two other dolphin friends. I went back to visit them with a dolphin trainer after the Blue Horizons show. SeaWorld let the other two dolphins swim with Sadie and her baby because they were so curious when the baby was born. They really wanted to see what was going on. Sadie stayed very close to her baby. The other two dolphins came to see me and play.

I learned the baby has someone watching it all day and night. They make sure it is safe and is coming to the surface to breathe air.

One of the dolphins was very friendly when she came to see me. She was showing off and being silly. I squeaked back, “Hello,” and had fun watching her play.

Then she moved back into the water and splashed me with her tail. I was soaking wet but thought it was really funny.

While I was learning about the baby dolphin I met a SeaWorld vet, Dr. Todd Schmitt. He answered a lot of my questions about the dolphins like if baby dolphins can swim when they’re first born. The trainer also taught me dolphins are born with their tails first so they can move it around and get strong before swimming all the way out by themselves.

Sadie has had a baby before and is a very good dolphin mommy. She is doing a great job taking care of her cute little baby. I’m excited for the baby to get a name and watch it grow at SeaWorld.

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