Feb 08

Recycled Valentine’s Day Candy Poppers

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I’ve been working on some crafts to share with my friends. We are having a Valentine’s Day party in my classroom so instead of buying gifts I made them with recycled supplies.

I asked my family to save the empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls so I could make Valentine’s Day candy poppers. Recycling is a great way to make sure garbage doesn’t end up in the water to hurt animals. Using recyclable items for craft projects is a fun way to show love for Valentine’s Day.

To make the candy poppers you need empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls, tissue paper, candy, duct tape, stickers if you want and ribbon. We had all these supplies at our house already and I asked my mom to buy my favorite Valentine’s Day candy.

First I used scissors to cut the paper towel rolls in thirds. I did not cut the toilet paper rolls because they were already the right size.

Wrap the tape around the paper rolls. It doesn’t have to be perfect and it’s okay OK if you have some cardboard showing.

If you want to cover the showing cardboard you can use washi tape or stickers.

Cut a big rectangle of tissue paper then roll it up to fit in the paper roll. Tie one side with the ribbon.

Fill the roll with candy. Then tie the other end shut with ribbon.

The valentine is done and ready to give to your friends.

When they pull the ends of the valentine, it will pop with candy.

Making crafts is really fun when you use stuff you already have at home. Recycling is important to help keep the Earth healthy and safe for animals. Reuse things like toilet paper and paper towel rolls when you can instead of just throwing them away.

Happy Valentine’s Day!