Oct 29

Polar Bears and Sea Otters Go Trick-or-Treat Hunting

SeaWorld San Diego’s polar bears and sea otters go on a Halloween trick-or-treat excursion you can’t “bear” to miss!

The teenage, female polar bears, Snowflake and Szenja (“SIN-ja”), each weighing around 600 pounds and standing between 6- to 7-feet tall, go trick-or-treating and scavenger hunting in a gargantuan polar bear way. The bears’ animal caretakers give them Halloween pumpkins filled with some of their favorite treats like peanut butter, cream cheese, fish and fruits.

Two of our female California sea otter pups, Mocha and Coco, enjoy playing with pumpkins like the mischievous youngsters they are. Mimicking their natural hunting, foraging behaviors in the wild, these 40-pound critters dig and dislodge crab, mussels and scallop treats placed in pumpkins chilled in ice.

SeaWorld marine mammals’ trick-or-treat antics is part of the physical and mental enriching experiences their animal care specialists provide. Now take a look at the bears and otters wildly, playful Halloween venture —this is simply something you “otter” see:

For the rest of this month, SeaWorld has this treat for kids, ages 3-9: free admission with a full-paid single-day adult admission as part of our special kid's free admission offer in October. On top of this, kids can be treated to a free Dine with Shamu buffet meal with each full-paid adult diner. Kids age 10 to 12 can enjoy SeaWorld’s Dolphin and Beluga Interaction Programs for free with each full-paid adult participant. To learn more, call us at (800) 25-SHAMU (74268) or visit www.seaworldsandiego.com.