Feb 25

Polar Bears 101

I was just a baby when I met my first polar bear. I posed for a picture with Shivers the big polar bear during a visit to SeaWorld San Diego. My mom says I was happy to see him when we first walked into the park.

That day I also saw a real polar bear in the Wild Arctic exhibit. I really liked seeing him play in the icy water and swim. From that day I asked to visit the polar bear each time we went back to SeaWorld. The polar bear is one of my favorite animals because they are so beautiful and strong.

I went on the Wild Arctic Up-Close Tour last year and learned a lot about polar bears. They live in the Arctic where it is very cold. They hibernate during the coldest part of winter and have to take very good care of their babies. Mommy polar bears do everything for their babies when they are little. The cubs are so small but eat a lot and grow fast.

They are so quiet when they walk you wouldn’t even know if a polar bear was right behind you. Their paws are almost bigger than me!

Polar bears look white but their fur is really clear. They seem white because the snow reflects off their bodies. They eat animals and lots of fish. It’s important to learn about polar bears so we can help protect them in the wild.