Oct 13

Play Mobile App Game SCVNGR at SeaWorld Orlando's Halloween Spooktacular and Win a Cool Prize!

SCVNGER is a social mobile game that is simple and fun to play on the iPhone or Android. The app is available for free at Apple's iTunes Store or Android Market. Guests can play SCVNGR wherever they go to check-in, complete challenges, earn points and unlock rewards, all with the ability to share their activity with their friends on Facebook and Twitter.

SCVNGR is only available to play during Spooktacular on October: 15-16, 22-23, and 28-30 and players can only win one Spooktacular lunch box.

Here are some easy to follow instructions:

When you arrive at SeaWorld's Halloween Spooktacular and have entered the park tap on the app to open the home screen then tap Places. When the Places screen appears tap on Seaworld Spooktacular. Make sure it has Reward highlighted in yellow next to it as you will see multiple unofficial SeaWorld locations appear.

Next, tap on the Check-in. Listed below you will see the 3 fun challenges Apple Decorating Post, Welcome Creatures! and Otto Octopus.

Tap on the first challenge Apple Decorating Post and enter what topping you used to decorate your apple (caramel, sprinkles, chocolate, ect.) Once completed the +2 points screen will appear.

Tap on the second challenge Welcome Creatures! and take a photo with your favorite character at Penelope’s Party Zone. Once completed the +2 points screen will appear.

Tap on the third challenge Otto Octopus and take a photo of a real octopus that is located near Manta. Once completed the +2 points screen will appear.

Congratulations! You have completed all three challenges for a total of 6 points and are just a few taps away from picking up your limited edition Spooktacular lunch box.

Tap Sweet to confirm your reward.

The Reward Details of where to pick up the Spooktacular lunch box will then appear, tap on Grab Your Reward.

Are You Sure? Will appear so confirm that you will pick up your reward once you have arrived at the Frozen Fruit Hut located at the Bayside Pathway.

You have successfully completed SeaWorld's Halloween Spooktacular SCVNGR and earned a cool prize!