Jul 09

Pengtastic Penguins at SeaWorld San Diego

I like penguins because they waddle and make funny noises. I really like to visit them at SeaWorld San Diego because I get to watch them swim and play with their friends. They are really good swimmers and like to eat fish.

My favorite type of penguin is the emperor penguin because they are the tallest. I really like them because they are so big and beautiful. Even though penguins are birds, they can’t fly. Instead they are really great swimmers. Most penguins are black and white but some penguins have other colors on them too. Some penguins live in snowy places but they can live in hot places too. When I went to SeaWorld I saw the new penguin habitat where the Humboldt penguins live being built. It has lots of room for warm penguins to spend time with their families and build nests.

Some penguins make their nests out of rocks but if it’s snowy, they just bury their bottoms in the snow. While I was at SeaWorld I met Popcorn the Penguin. He grew up at SeaWorld and is very friendly. He spends a lot of time helping teach kids like me about penguins.

The new penguin habitat wasn’t finished yet but Popcorn really wanted to check out his new home. He was really excited to see it and I think he already knows where he wants to build his nest.

Did you know penguins don’t even need beds because they sleep standing up? That’s pretty awesome! Penguins only have one baby at a time and they take really good care of it.

I learned that baby penguins hatch out of eggs and it is the daddy penguin’s job to keep the eggs warm while the mommies go out to look for food. They live in big groups with family and friends to play all day. When they get cold they just huddle together with their best friends to stay warm. At SeaWorld the penguins get to swim, play and have lots of hugs from their people friends. I love watching the penguins give hugs to the people that take good care of them.

I bet Popcorn the Penguin will be excited to see me when I go back to SeaWorld!

I think it’s really neat SeaWorld is making sure we all get to learn about penguins and takes great care of special penguins like Popcorn!