Jan 04

New Year’s Resolutions at SeaWorld

A new year’s resolution is something you want to do this year, kind of like a goal. I have a long list of things I want to do at SeaWorld San Diego this year.

1) Ride Manta 20 times in one day
Once I rode Manta 10 times in one day with my dad. This year I want to ride it twice as many times in one day!

2) Ride Journey to Atlantis
I bet you thought I already rode it. I say I’m going to every time I go to SeaWorld but then change my mind when we get there.

3) Learn even more about Clyde and his friends
Clyde is my favorite sea lion and he really likes me too. It would be awesome to learn even more about him, Seamore and O.P. Otter.

4) Meet Biff from the Clyde and Seamore show
He’s really funny and would probably make me laugh. But I do not want to dance with him. That would be embarrassing because he dances really funny.

5) Learn to tell the sea lions apart at Pacific Point when I feed them fish
Some are different sizes and make different noises so it will be easy.

6) Be the first guest to go in and the last to leave
I don’t know if my mom and dad will let me do this but I want to be the first one in and the last one out. I will be at SeaWorld from early in the morning until after dark!

7) Stop at every food stop
I don’t eat that much but maybe I could eat snacks from every food place. Or maybe I could just eat lots of Shamu cookies.

8) Make more videos
I really like to make videos at home. I want to make more videos while I’m at SeaWorld to teach you what I know because I know a lot about animals.

9) Wear a poncho and sit in the soak zone to see if I can stay dry
I never sit in the soak zone because the pilot whales, killer whales and dolphins play and really like to splash people. But I want to try it with a poncho on to see if I can stay dry.

10) Learn as much as I can about all the animals
Then I can teach my friends how they can help keep the ocean a safe place for animals to live.

I need to get started on this list soon!