Oct 21

New "Voices of SeaWorld" Episode Jumps Into Action with the SeaWorld Rescue Team

by Staff

Whether bottle-feeding an orphaned baby sea lion or rescuing a stranded dolphin in the middle of the night, the SeaWorld rescue team regularly jumps into action to save animals in need all over the world. In fact, SeaWorld employees have rescued more than 22,000 wild animals over nearly 50 years through this program.

In this short new “Voices of SeaWorld” webisode, rescuers at SeaWorld and partner organizations share details of their life calling, including often dropping everything on a moment’s notice to help injured, sick and orphaned wild animals. Also, in addition to humans who help, the marine animals at SeaWorld also contribute to efforts to save their wild counterparts.

The “Voices of SeaWorld” webisodes interview more than 60 zoological professionals across the U.S. – SeaWorld employees and other conservationists – about their lives rescuing and conserving marine animals.

Be sure to visit www.SeaWorldCares.com to watch previous episodes including “The Mission of SeaWorld” and “Animal Welfare."