Nov 25

New "Voices of SeaWorld: Conservation and Research"

by Staff

SeaWorld animal experts and the care they provide our animals contribute to conservation and field research. In fact, our animals provide a unique environment for scientists to better understand marine mammals.

In this new “Voices of SeaWorld” webisode, SeaWorld animal experts and scientists share some of the fascinating research projects going on in the parks that play a huge role in helping to save wildlife and wild places. From the development of thriving marine mammal breeding programs to the on-the-ground support of research projects around the world, see how research makes up a key component of SeaWorld’s larger commitment to conservation and animal welfare.

The “Voices of SeaWorld” webisodes include interviews with more than 60 zoological professionals across the U.S. – SeaWorld employees and other conservationists – about their lives caring for, studying, rescuing and conserving marine animals.

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