Apr 01

New Saltwater Restrooms at SeaWorld San Diego

The severe drought in California is no joke. In our park’s ongoing movement to conserve water, SeaWorld San Diego is leading the way with the implementation of a saltwater flushing system in our newest restrooms.

It will save approximately 1.3 million gallons of freshwater annually from wastefully going down the drain.

Water for the new restrooms is drawn from Mission Bay, which is allowed as per the park’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit.

The water is filtered before use in the restroom.

After use, the water will enter the city of San Diego’s sewer system and flow to the Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Once there, the water will be treated before it is discharged into the ocean as clean water.

Since 2008, our park has engaged in a variety of initiatives, including best practices improvements, equipment and systems updates and landscaping programs to reduce water usage in the park. In addition to the saltwater restroom project, in 2014, we purchased a Cyclone CY5500 and an Advance Ride-On Scrubber deep cleaning concrete device to clean our pathways. These two devices will reduce water usage by millions of gallons annually.

We’ve also introduced several other water-savings measures and operating standards, including an increase installation of drought-tolerant plants, 4,000 low-flow irrigation nozzles and computerized irrigation controllers. We’ve also increased the mulching of all its landscape areas to conserve soil moisture, and replace some of its lawn areas with artificial turf.

The increased use of high-pressure water machines, and high-efficiency, low-flow toilets and sinks with aerated faucets in our park’s other restrooms also contributes to additional benefits to our water conservation efforts.