Jan 29

My SeaWorld Story: Lauren

SeaWorld has inspired millions of guests since it opened in 1964. We all have a SeaWorld story; from the first time we connected with a dolphin or a whale, to the moment we made an effort to recycle to protect our ocean friends beyond the park's borders.

In this episode of our webisode series, we meet Lauren, the assistant curator of the Penguin Encounter at SeaWorld San Diego. Because of her decades of work with the park's penguins, she was able to assist with the rehabilitation of 700 penguin chicks affected by the Treasure Oil Spill in Cape Town, South Africa.

"To be able to raise these birds that had been abandoned, and get them to a point where they could swim, and then release them and get them back into the wild," said Lauren, "was one of the biggest and most rewarding things that I've been able to do."

Here is her SeaWorld story.

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