Jun 25

My Love for Sea Lions at SeaWorld

I fell in love with sea lions when I saw them for the first time at SeaWorld San Diego. I remember throwing fish to them. They sound so silly when they bark for fish and open their mouths really big.

Feeding sea lions is the best part of my day at SeaWorld. Each time my family visits we go to say “Hello!” to the sea lions first and always make sure to tell them “Goodbye!” when we leave SeaWorld.

Sometimes my friends get seals and sea lions mixed up. I teach them it’s easy to tell the animals apart because sea lions have ear flaps. The sea lions look like they have ears on the outside and seals do not.

Clyde Sea Lion and my mommy are friends on Twitter and sometimes he sends me messages. It always makes me smile when I get a message from Clyde! I love watching Clyde and Seamore in the Sea Lions LIVE show because they are both so smart and funny.

SeaWorld loves the sea lions that live there but they help rescue hurt sea lions from the ocean too. Jody is one of my friends at SeaWorld who takes care of them. All kinds of things can make sea lions sick in the ocean. Sometimes they eat garbage or it gets stuck to their bodies. The rescued sea lions get to live at SeaWorld until they feel better and can go home.

The team at SeaWorld takes really good care of their sea lions. They have fun teaching kids like me about keeping sea lions safe. They taught me that even though I don’t live by the ocean, my friends and I can help take care of sea lions too.

Together we can all help keep the sea lions safe. Always make sure you only put water down the drain because sea lions and other animals will get sick when other stuff gets in the ocean. Picking up your garbage will help keep sea lions safe too.

I want to be a sea lion trainer when I grow up because working with sea lions would be awesome!

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