Feb 22

My Interview with a Polar Bear Keeper

A polar bear keeper is someone who takes care of polar bears. I like to see the polar bears at SeaWorld San Diego because I know the polar bear keepers, like Tiffany, take good care of them.

I sent some questions to Tiffany so she could tell us all about how she takes care of the SeaWorld polar bears since International Polar Bear Day is February 27. I asked her all about the bears and how we can help take care of them too.

Tiffany really likes working with the polar bears and answered all my questions. Some of her answers are not what I thought she would say. Here are my favorite 10 things I learned from the interview:

1) Polar bears can hold their breath for up to 5 minutes.
I thought it was a lot longer than that!

2) Polar bears really like to eat seals in the Arctic.
The polar bears at SeaWorld love lettuce and eat watermelon for treats. (Isn’t a polar bear eating watermelon funny?)

3) Pregnant polar bears stay in a den for four or five months to have their babies.

4) Baby polar bears weigh less than 1 pound when they are born.
My baby sister weighed eight pounds so she was a lot bigger than a baby polar bear!

5) Polar bears don’t always want food because they aren’t hungry all the time.
The SeaWorld San Diego polar bears take naps and pretend like they don’t see the food when they aren’t hungry. When they are hungry, they wake up fast and are excited to see food.

6) Polar bears live to be about 20 or 30 years old.

7) Bears hibernate but polar bears don’t really do that.
They get tired and take a long rest but don’t sleep the whole time. Hibernate means go to sleep for months at a time.

8) The polar bears at SeaWorld San Diego are named Snowflake and Szenja.
I think Snowflake is the best name for a polar bear.

9) Polar bears are endangered.
Endangered means we have to take care of them or they might be extinct. Extinct means gone forever.

10) We can all help the polar bears in the Arctic by doing just some easy stuff.
Tiffany said we could do these things:
• Ride to school with friends so you don’t all drive your own cars. Ride your bike if your school is by your house.
• Don’t leave your devices plugged in. Unplug other stuff too if you aren’t using it.
• Recycle trash and try to reuse things. I decorate boxes from food like cereal to hold my art supplies in my bedroom.
• Turn lights off when you walk out of a room.

Polar bears are really pretty and we need to make sure we help keep them safe. Tiffany is very smart and loves working with polar bears at SeaWorld. Her job sounds like fun and is important so we can keep learning about polar bears.