Jun 19

My Favorite Things to Do at SeaWorld in the Summer

SeaWorld is one of my favorite places to go during summer vacation. I am so excited to go there in just a couple of weeks. I go there a lot because it’s so much fun and I love to learn about animals. Every time I visit there are some things I make sure we do. If you are planning a day at SeaWorld you should do my favorite things too.

Definitely start the day by getting your face painted! Sometimes I pick a princess design and sometimes I get a swan.

The first animal I want to see is always the sea lions. They are so funny and love it when I feed them fish.

There are so many fun rides at SeaWorld. My favorite in San Diego is Manta. It goes really fast! Last time I was there I rode it 10 times in a row with my dad. It’s so fun sitting in the front row because you can see when you’re about to blast off!

Explorer’s Reef is where I want to spend most of the day. The cleaner fish feel really funny when you put your hands in the water. You can see sharks and horseshoe crabs there too. Horseshoe crabs were around when the dinosaurs were here. That’s awesome.

There are lots of fun shows to watch. I really like seeing my favorite sea lions, Clyde and Seamore, but shows like Cirque de la Mer are pretty cool too.

Walking around SeaWorld to learn about all the animals is fun. I like to say hello to all my favorite animal friends like the flamingos, octopuses, dolphins and otters. Sometimes there is even a rescued baby otter in the Otter Nursery. Make sure you go there and look in the window because my friend Marcia might be taking care of a little baby otter.

I always make sure to stop by and see the killer whales too. They are so beautiful!

Don’t leave without a Shamu cookie for dessert!