Sep 03

My Dolphin Friends

I had so much fun meeting bottlenose dolphins at SeaWorld San Diego. I always watch the dolphins play when I go to the park. It was neat finally meeting the dolphins and learning about them. I felt happy as soon as I saw the dolphins playing with their trainer. I knew they would be happy to see me too.

The trainer introduced me to a family of dolphins with a baby, mommy and grandma. She taught me how to touch them gently. The dolphin felt like rubber when I touched it.

I learned about the dolphin’s body parts and why they are such great swimmers. The dolphin was ticklish and wiggled when I touched her tummy. They breathe through their blowholes so they have to go to the surface of the water a lot. It’s fun to watch them blow out the air. Dolphins swim really fast because of their tail flukes. I really liked getting to see the bottom of the tail flukes and see the white side of their tummies.

Dolphins like to eat fish and were really excited when I gave them treats.

They are really smart and can learn from their trainers easily. They can jump out of the water really high and splash too.

I waved to the dolphins when it was time for me to leave. They can remember a lot and I bet the dolphins I met will be excited to see me again next time I stop by to say hello.

The trainer was very nice and taught me a lot about dolphins. It would be so much fun to work with dolphins all day! I really liked going home to tell my friends at school about them. Most of them didn’t know dolphins are actually whales!

I’m excited to go back to see if the dolphins remember me when I’m at SeaWorld again!