Oct 29

My Beluga Whale Friends Atla and Pearl

When I went on the Wild Arctic Up-Close Tour at SeaWorld San Diego this year I had so much fun meeting the beluga whales. They are so beautiful and liked showing us how they play.

The whale trainers are good friends with the whales and know a lot about them. I liked learning how to feed fish to the whales. They love eating fish!

Two beluga whales, Atla and Pearl, were born at SeaWorld and are almost the same age as me. Beluga whales aren’t very big when they are babies but they grow fast. They are gray when they are babies but then turn white. Their skin feels like rubber and they have a lot of blubber to keep them warm in cold water. They live in icy water in the Arctic.

Beluga whales have big tail flukes to help them swim.

I also learned about grown-up beluga whales. It was neat watching them spyhop with their trainer.

I learned how to hold my hand over the whales so they could spyhop with me too.

All beluga whales are pretty but Pearl and Atla were very cute. Maybe they like me so much because they know we are all the same age. My favorite part of the time I spent with the whales was getting a whale kiss on the cheek! I loved learning about the whales from the smart trainers.

When I go back to SeaWorld I will go see Pearl and Atla again. They probably will have grown a lot!

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