Jun 12

My Adventures Learning About Animals at SeaWorld

I was just a baby the very first time I went to SeaWorld San Diego. I don’t remember the visit but my mom and dad say it’s where I started loving animals!

Now I’m five years old and have been to SeaWorld a lot. I don’t live by the ocean so we have to drive in the car really far to get to San Diego where there is a beach.

SeaWorld is my most favorite place to go to learn about animals. I really like all kinds of animals but when we get to SeaWorld I just want to feed Clyde because he is so funny when he barks for fish. I say, “Shoo birdies, shoo!” to keep the birds away because the fish is for the sea lions.

The trainers I’ve met love taking care of the animals and teaching me about what I can do to keep our oceans clean and safe. Sometimes I get to see animals that are feeling better after being rescued by SeaWorld.

Visiting the animals is my favorite part but I like to go on rides too! I really like Abby’s Sea Star Spin because my daddy spins me really fast and I get dizzy. I love spinning and sea stars!

During lunch I like to watch the silly birds looking for food by the tables and then get my face painted. Walking around SeaWorld with my face painted like a butterfly is awesome! I bet the animals think I’m really a butterfly.

I really like learning about science and going to SeaWorld has taught me a lot about the ocean. I like to share what I learn at SeaWorld with my friends at school. I want them to learn how to keep animals safe too. Sometimes I even bring fun books and activities from SeaWorld to my classroom.

My friends like learning about the ocean too but some of them don’t ever get to see marine animals in person. Visiting SeaWorld helps me learn about animals so I can someday work there too. When I grow up I want to help protect marine animals and teach about why they are so neat.

I’m going to keep going to SeaWorld to learn how I can protect animals and the ocean! I’m excited to become a sea lion trainer one day!