Dec 10

Miss California is Awesome

I was at Explorer’s Reef looking at cleaner fish when Miss California, Marina Inserra, walked right up to me. It was a big surprise because no one told me she would be at SeaWorld that day. She was wearing a beautiful crown and looked like a princess. I was excited to see her because I saw her on TV before and knew she worked at SeaWorld. She told me she was going to hang out with me for the whole day because I am special and love animals so much.

Her first job at SeaWorld was dressing up like a flamingo. I think that’s silly but sounds like fun. Now she is Miss California but still works at SeaWorld teaching people about animals.

We walked around SeaWorld and she told me about all of her favorite animals.

Her very favorite animal is the sea lion, just like me! We went to visit the sea lions together and fed them fish. The sea lions were happy to see us. Marina is really good at throwing fish to them. After we fed them Marina gave me a fishy high five; that’s when you have fish on your hands and give a high five before washing them off at the sink.

We visited lots of animals and friends that day. Everyone was happy to see me and Marina because we both love the animals.

I really liked getting to visit Jody and the Rescue Team because they save animals to give them another chance at life. At home I watch Sea Rescue a lot and it’s fun to see my favorite friends!

Miss California wants to always teach people about animals. She is really smart and knows a lot. Some of my friends thought girls shouldn’t like science so much but Marina told me girls can do anything they want when they grow up. I want to grow up and be just like her!

One day I hope I can teach people about animals like Marina does.