Nov 01

Manta in Motion!

There are not too many times in life where you can be a part of something historic. An event where you can say “I was there when…” Well today at SeaWorld I got to be a part of history as I witnessed the first section of track being installed for our Manta coaster.

It’s the first of 98 pieces to be installed that will create our Manta launch coaster, set to open in the spring of 2012. The construction zone came alive and years of hard work and planning finally started to show with the official first section in place. It won’t be too long until guests get to feel the rush, and ride the ray. So what I want to know is, since I saw the first piece go in, does that mean I can be the first to ride it when it’s ready? Here is an inside look at the construction site where all the action took place.